Feb 1, 2008

My Moment of Brilliance

My moment of brilliance starts by me making tea. Tea at the moment is not a complicated sort of deal since I have run out of loose leaf and am back to using Oolong tea in bags.

I found a lovely little thermal mug in a neat shape on my way to making tea. It's small at the top, then ballons outward. I was happy to find this, because often I make tea or coffee for an accompaniment to whatever it is I am doing. Surfing through Stumble Upon, looking through Deviant Art, and lately, painting or writing. So this little mug will help me keep my tea and coffee nice and warm, because I am a picky whore and like hot things hot.

So, I do my tea-thang, yo. Put water in microwave, heat, remove from microwave. Pour into cup with tea bag and bring it back to the computer. I sit down, put the little two-holed cover over it and settle in to paint a bit and browse in between. All is well.


A few sips here and there go well. I filled it a little too full and it floods the cap a little. No big deal, right? So without paying attention I tip it. A lot further than I should have. After that, I really didn't think because:

a) I had a mouthful of blistering hot tea
b) I wanted it out of my mouth THAT. VERY. INSTANT.

So what did I do?

Open my mouth and spit it out into my hand.


Which I promptly flailed and shook it about as any idiot realizing they had HOT TEA in their HANDS.

This of course, meant the rest of the HOT TEA landed on my right tit.

I now have a burnt mouth, a burnt thumb and forefinger, and a burnt right boob.


Have you had a moment of 'brilliance' lately? What did you do?