Oct 1, 2008

Two Phat Geek's simple secrets to a happy marriage.

I see them every where on the internet, “top ten ways to make your relationship last!” and, “top seven ways to make your wife happy for the man who really likes to kick himself in the groinal area.” Let’s not mention the ads on television for 29 dimensions of pay-us-and-you’llOMGTOTALLY be so happy! Shove all this crap the internet is telling you about relationships and how to make them last, and let us crotchety geeks tell you how it’s really done.

It’s okay to fart.

And I don’t mean for you to run down the hallway to your loved one right now and let one rip that would make any burly woodsman proud.

What I mean is this: be honest about who you are. Don’t present a false you for someone to fall in love with, because chances are that several weeks, months, or years into the relationship when the curtain finally arises on the real you…Your partner may end up disenchanted, to say the least, in what's happened to her 'perfect prince,' or his 'princess.'

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Sep 29, 2008

I have a horrible secret. It's been burning in my guts for...all day.

Guys, guys--I'm not perfect.

I have proof. I have video proof.

Over at 2phatgeeks I posted a nice video clip of my recent bloopers.

You can watch me humiliate myself here: Video bloopers