Jan 9, 2010

Important records to keep about your cat - by M. Pence - Helium

It’s a routine visit to the veterinarian with your brand new purchased kitten, cat, or adopted kitten and cat. Things are looking pretty great! He or she has adjusted swimmingly to your house and home and already. The check up looks great! And then the Vet turns to you mid way and asks you, “Can I see Princess Floofums vaccine records, please?”

Vaccine records? You think in a mild panic. There are records for that? You look left and you look right as your mind reels—you don’t have Princess Floofums vaccine records! You stumble about attempting to find some excuse or reason, finally coming clean to your Vet. You reluctantly let your Vet know the truth and they smile patiently and help you figure out what Princess Floofums needs. You have to have Princess vaccinated once again, and spend a little more cash.

Now, your eyes are open however. Re-vaccination as well as a few extra bucks could have been saved if you'd had the records. It makes you wonder-what other records *should* you have had in the first place when you purchased Floofums, and what should you have held onto? What sort of vital papers must you keep and what sort isn’t needed? What are the important records to keep for your cat?

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Jan 7, 2010

How to care for an older cat - by M. Pence - Helium

Caring for Older Cats.

Older cats give no less joy, laughter, warmth and silliness than younger cats. They still purr, they still try to curl in impossible bundles of sunshine-soaking fur and they are still the cats we adored when they were younger; tearing up our curtains and home. Yet, there are a few unique changes, challenges as well as questions which crop up when owning as well as caring for geriatric felines.

What sort of food should be purchased? Should an owner of an elder cat make any changes in their house? Why is the cat yowling at night? Why won’t they curl up in their old sleeping place? What can an owner of a getting-on-in-years cat do to assure comfort and quality of life for our mature kittens? What should an owner look out for, health wise, with an older cat?

As an owner of several cats throughout my life, as well as an older, diabetic cat, I know it can be overwhelming some times. Here are a few things I have learned over the years about caring for elder cats which I hope can help you!Read More about How to care for an older cat - by M. Pence - at Helium